Ep 42- How’s this for a title: Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project

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As Ash would say, “HOLY VODKA”- I cannot believe this episode is HERE. Ash has been someone I have been casually stalking online since I got started.

Let me tell you why:

  • I love the way she writes.
  • I love the way she markets
  • I love the way she is SO authentically ASH in everything that she does
  • I love that she started with NOTHING and all that she has built

Nothing pisses me off more than cookie cutter carbon copy marketing. Everyone just following the leader and doing more of the same. Ash is the opposite of that. She’s like the unicorn that is leading us all to be more…well, OURSELVES.

If you aren’t familiar with Ash, Ash Ambirge is an internet entrepreneur, author, creative writer, and advocate for women being brave & doing disobedient things with their lives and careers.

Ash went from $26 and sleeping in her car in a Kmart parking lot to earning her first million dollars with nothing more than a laptop and an idea, and today she’s all about inspiring other young women to use their talents as a lever for reinvention—whether you need to escape your safe but predictable life, or you’re trying desperately to escape the trailer park like she once did.

Today she is the founder of The Middle Finger Project, which is both the name of her Webby award-winning blog as well the title of her first book, out now with Penguin Random House and sold at all major retailers, and her voice has been called, “the most memorable on the Internet,” “original in a world with too little of it,” “not safe for work at all,” and also, “really kinda sweary,” which is definitely her favorite description.

Ash’s work focuses on helping women find their voice and use it to create whatever the f*ck they want, her feet are definitely bigger than yours, and she hates fish.

In this interview, we dive deep into:

  • How Ash actually started her business with nada- nothing
  • Where her wisdom and grounding came from (it’s not what you think..)
  • The reason why you don’t want to be TOLD what to do but find YOUR own voice and way
  • how she navigates transitions that come with making pivots in your business
  • Ash’s ability to create and stay productive (even while traveling)
  • What’s next for The Middle Finger Project
  • And so so SOOOO much more…..

And in case you are just as obsessed with Ash as I am, here’s where you can find her:

The Middle Finger Project Book

The Middle Finger Project Online

Ash’s Insta