Ep 37- 2019, My Year in Review

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I always enjoy looking back at the previous year as a whole and dreaming all the dreams for 2020. It’s kind of like that small moment of “what did I like” and “what would I like now?”.

In this episode of Rule Breaker, Dream Maker podcast I’m sharing:

My Biggest Takeaways

  • Doubled my income
  • Smarter about time & pricing
  • Worked a LOT less
  • Bought my dreamcar.

Things I learned:

  • When elevating your life, mindset blocks will always appear
  • Passive income is HUGE
  • Outsourcing is key (the money you pay out will pay you back 10 fold)
  • Convenience is key
  • Being present
  • Focus more on things you actually enjoy in your business

Things I tried that might be helpful for you:

  • Exercise & why I love Lagree Pilates
  • Nutrition is important (intuitevely)
  • Inulin from Ingrid de la Mare- Kenny is a gamechanger for hormones, digestion, acne & bloating (like omg go get some NOW)
  • Make your own at home flavored water
  • Got back into astrology this year (and why I love exploring new things to help my business)
  • Why Bitchin’ Sauce is life

Looking ahead for 2020:

  • Make a scary, clear income goal for 2020
  • focusing more heavily on passive income to impact & help more people
  • Batching work and taking control of my schedule
  • I want to buy a house!

Lastly, be open to trying new things this year. You never know where those experiences will lead you- this has been huge for me in 2019 and a lesson I plan to carry into 2020! Tune into the episode to get the full goods!