Ep 27- Owning all of you, Finding your Lane and building Your Audience Online

Want to build an audience? Reach more people? Connect with others in a new way? Wonderful!

There’s something happening with trends in social media that Brittany Krystle and I have coined “inauthentic authenticity”. It’s people trying to be “raw” and “real” and staged imperfection just to get likes. In this episode we decided to encourage you to show up as YOU. Owning all of you. To be unapologetic about who you are. The cool thing about social media is there are no rules- we just want to dispell the myths about being fake for you so you have permission to be exactly who you are. No more flexing for the gram. 

On this episode we talk:

  • Why faking authenticity is a trend that doesn’t work
  • That it’s ok to show the good and the bad regardless
  • How females in the space are often more ruthness than males
  • What do do if you’ve ever felt you “just don’t fit in”

Tune into today’s episode of all this and more!

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