Reading has always been a huge love affair of mine- I remember from a young age spending hours on my moms lap trying to read the books she was reading. My older sisters taught me how to read along with my mom by the age of 4. It’s been a life long love of mine.

As I’ve gone through things and gotten more and more into working on my Mindset and Personal Development, I have some go to books that have CHANGED my life, changed the way I think and highly recommend.

Here’s a list of books I have read and still read over and over again:

  • The Success Principles- Jack Canfield. This was one of the first books I can tell you changed everything for me. I randomly bought it on accident (my mom sent me to get another book and I somehow wound up with this one- fate I guess?). It’s about taking 100% responsibility for your life, having a mindset that fosters success, working on your vision and understanding you’re allowed to have everything you want. Give yourself permission, then go create it. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon. 
  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself- Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Dispenza is a brilliant man that shows you how your emotions affect your brain and therefor your reality. He also shows you how you can leverage that into what your desired outcomes are. I haven’t read a book that made more sense and tied together many other thing’s I’ve heard and read in a practical and applicable manner- Highly Recommend. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon. 
  • A Womans Worth- Marianne Williamson. A beautiful book on what it means to be a woman- especially if you’ve ever been through trauma. I’ve gifted this to many women in my life over the years- it’s deep, inspiring and wonderfully uplifting. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon
  • The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck- Sara Knight. Let’s talk about “should” for a moment. If you are feeling like you “should” do this, you have to go to that birthday party you don’t want to, you feel obligated to have lunch with boring Mary down the block because she keeps asking. Sara Knight has written an amazing and enjoyable book empowering you to figure out what YOUR joy is and how to spend more time doing that. You only have so many fucks to give. Inspired by Marie Kondo’s book on tidying up your closets- this one shows you how to tidy up your energy and where you spend your time. It’s also fun to read. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon
  • You are a Badass- Jen Sincero. – I’m sure you have seen this book on the top best sellers list and recommended in tons of Facebook Groups. I tend to like more brazen books that fly under the radar- I guess I’m just a rebel like that. However, this book is definitely worth reading. We often doubt ourselves and hold ourselves back from going after what we want. This book empowers you to feel exactly like the title says- a badss. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon. 
  • Emotional Bullshit – Carl Alasko. I was told to read this book by a good friend of man after ending a terrible relationship where I felt extremely betrayed. This book uncovers what actually can destroy your relationships- both personal and professional ones and empowers you to avoid it. Dr. Alasko says that the main issues are usually- Denial, Delusion and Blame. First we deny what it is that we want or that there is a problem, so we never allow the other person to choose if they’re down with whatever it is. Then we create a Delusion or the other person does. Then we blame ourselves or the other person. It’s an eye opening look at how to have healthy and amazing relationships- both romantic, platonic and in business. GAMECHANGER.  Click HERE to check it out on Amazon. 
  • Maybe it’s You- Lauren Handel Zander. This book was gifted to me by a client who interviewed Lauren on her podcast. Lauren is a celebrity life coach that actually got Mel Robbins into the game. It walks you through Lauren’s process she uses on her 1:1 clients to create a life of their dreams. Witty, funny and packed with incredible stories, this book is like having your own little badass life coach in your hands. I absolutely loved it (and even sent one to my mom). Click HERE to check it out on Amazon.
  • Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles- Barbara Stanny. This is a great book if you are looking to work on your money mindset. Barbara approaches your ability to create success and wealth from an energetic standpoint, reminding you that it’s not just possible but actually your birthright to create abundance. A must read for anyone that wants to up their game when it comes to receiving and creating money. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon. 
  • Dying to Be Me- Anita Moorjani. I’ll be the first to tell you- I don’t love this authors writing. The beginning of this book was a bit slow for me, however, the end result is worth it. Anita talks about her near death experience from cancer and how it changed the view in which she see’s the world. It really changes your perspective on life and what is happening “for us”. A truly eye opening experience. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon. 
  • How Rich People Think- Steve Siebold. I’ve read many, many, many books on money mindset. I usually recommend this one because it’s short, concise, to the point and packed with mindset shifts when it comes to money. I reference it often and love to tell people to read it if they are feeling negatively about their financial situation or want to think like the wealthy. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon. 
  • How to Journal and Make Sh*t Happen- Kat Loterzo. This was one of the first books that made sense to me on how journaling can be an incredibly powerful tool. After reading it, I followed Kat Loterzo (aka Katrina Ruth) and hired her to be my personal coach in early 2018. She is an incredible and empowering woman and it’s a must read for any woman that wants to make shit happen in life. Click HERE to Check it Out on Amazon.
  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich- Ramit Sethi.  When my friend told me to read this book almost 9 years ago now I thought- oh great. Another book on how to set a budget. This is actually the OPPOSITE of that. Ramit walks you through incredibly powerful ways to take charge of your finances and to think smart. He puts you in charge instead of being at the mercy of banks, budgets and “cutting back”. I think this should be mandatory reading for every person before going out into the world on their own. I have reread this so many times and always take something new from it. Bravo, Ramit. Click HERE to Check it Out on Amazon. 
  • A New Earth- Eckhart Tolle. I was 19 when my mom gifted me this book. I was feeling kinda lost in life, like a fish out of water. I was living in a new city, confused about my path in life and felt kinda- well, alone. This book made me feel in charge, understood and elevated. I come back to it often and recommend it for anyone that wants to start thinking, feeling and “being” in a new way. Click HERE to Check it Out on Amazon.

Whew. That was a lot. I’ll add to this periodically but these have been staples of mine for years and I’m happy to share them with you.