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Ahhhh the side hustle, am I right?

If you have ever thought to yourself – how do I start a side hustle? How do I transition out of my job into my own business full-time? How do I get over the fear of leaving my secure job in order to follow my dream of being an entrepreneur? What should my day to day in my business look like? How do I make money?

Well, today’s episode is for you. I’m answering your questions on:

Do you really want to work for yourself or just work virtually? Some people don’t want to be an entrepreneur or their own boss and are just looking for legitimate ways to work virtually or from home and that is totally ok. Sometimes we have to have an honest moment with ourselves and look at what it is we actually want because the options are endless!

How do I make money? My friend, let me count the ways. Let’s chat on the best way to monetize your business that works for YOU as an individual.

How much money do you need to have saved before taking the leap? The answers not what you think PLUS how to set a date and why.

How do I get over the fear of leaving my secure job? I debunk the rumor of “job security” in today’s world.

How to transition your mindset from employee to CEO.

Plus- daily routines, knowing when to outsource or hire an assistant plus the activities you need to focus on when getting started.

I hope you join me in today’s episode and it allows you to spark that fire to make the move you’ve been waiting to make.

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