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Todays episode is alllllll about overcoming difficult situations. Listen, we’ve all been there. No matter how successful you are, how much mindset work you do, how much you learn grow and overcome, or even how many self help books you read, sometimes shit hits the fan. And it sucks.

Today I dive deep in how to overcome difficult situations because guess what? They still suck to deal with. But when you have a process for dealing with them, you don’t stay stuck in the misery, confusion and drama for quite as long.

Step 1: Give Yourself Time. I know this may sound like a “no brainer” but it’s not. If you don’t sit with your feelings, how can you expect to process them and move through them? By giving yourself permission to actually feel your feelings, you have something to actually process.

Step 2: Think about your Big Picture. Revisit your big picture goals and dreams. This is an opportunity to reset what you will allow. Decide what it is you actually want.

Step 3: Ditch the Drama.  Mean girls was seriously one of my favorite movies ever but it doesn’t feel good to be a mean girl to yourself and others. Strip away the drama of what you are going through and look at it from a logistical standpoint.

Step 4: What would your “higher self” do? I know, sounds super “mystical” of me, but what I mean here is, remember those goals you wrote out above? If you ALREADY had those things, how would that version of you respond?

Step 5: Take action. Once you have identified what 2.0 version of you would do, it’s time to do it. Massive action = massive results.

Step 6: Clear the blocks. I share in todays episode what my process for that is, but this is where you stop those “leaks” to protect your energy and make sure you are healing both consciously and subconsciously.

Step 7: Self Care. This is the time to make sure you are taken care of and give yourself what you need in the NOW. Wether thats paid or free- you can carve out time for it. Get a massage, go for a walk, take 5 minutes to dance to upbeat music or make the time to meditate. Whatever that thing is for you, schedule out that time and make it happen.

It is my hope that you never have to struggle or go through difficulties but sometimes they make us grow. They give us new tools that we didn’t even know that we had. I hope you use this process that it has taken me a long time and a lot of setbacks to understand. If you are interested in reading more about me or my story, check out my bestselling book where I truly tell all here: danielleprahl.com/book

Here’s to your freaking happiness!


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