The idea of this episode is just really conversation to introduce you to the Podcast and what you can expect.

I started this for YOU. Mostly because I am inspired and passionate to truly help women be, do and have it all. This space is for you to come as you are, so let your hair down, relax your shoulders and let’s dive in.

Online business can be life changing and create huge change both financially and personally creating freedom and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. What it has also created as a byproduct is comparison. We also start thinking there are all these “rules” on what we SHOULD be doing- both in our business and in our lives. These rules are complete and total bull$*&t. I want to strip those down for you.

If you are not familiar with my world, I am an online business expert that helps women create incredible lives that give them freedom by building a business off of things that we love.

Many of us never *think* about where we are headed, what we truly want or even give ourselves permission to DREAM up what our lives and business could look like. If you don’t know where your destination is, how can you even know if you have arrived?

So here I am putting myself out there, getting more visible, overcoming my fears and letting you know that there is no perfect formula for business. Take the pressure off and stop burying yourself in the shoulds and the to do’s. This is me giving you permission to not have to be perfect.

To find out more, listen in to todays episode above and THANK you for tuning in :).