Perhaps you don’t have everything you want in life yet.

You think that if you just had that “thing”- then maybe you would get what you desire.

If you just had nicer clothes than maybe you’d get that promotion.

If you had more money maybe you would be happier.

If you were prettier you’d have the man of your dreams.

If you had more time you’d definitely be in better shape.

If you could just take that class than maybe you’d get to the next level in business.

The truth is, everything that you NEED in order to have what you desire is already inside of you. Now. At this very moment.

So you need to stop waiting. Stop waiting for the perfect scenario. Until someday. For that one perfect moment that will enable you to get started.

The time is now.

You have everything that you need to be successful already.

And the rest, well it will come when you start taking action.

You already know what to do.

Let yourself do it already.

And me?

I’m just here to remind you.