We look around and are sometimes scared to start something because “someone else is already doing it”.

It’s a common excuse that I hear why people haven’t started their business or tried to go to the next level or created “the thing” or whatever that may be.

I looked outside today at a pleothora of houses beyond my balcony and the palm tree’s that dot the horizon- and I thought, “How fucking silly is that”.

If everyone thought that way, there would be no palm tree’s (there’s already a palm tree down the way that exists), neighborhoods would cease to happen- “Well Judy down the road lives in a house, surely I must live in something different”, there would be NO sunsets to enjoy, because, you know. A sunset already happened the day before…..

Sure, maybe I’m being a bit cheeky.

But it’s true.

If everything used that as an excuse, well you and I wouldn’t exist either, would we? Because there was already a human being made before us.

The world needs YOUR version of YOUR GIFTS.

Get fucking started already.