I guess we don’t always talk about who we are and what we stand for.

I am a female business owner. I help women be, do and have it all. I help them stop settling, stop accepting less, and stop playing by rules they didn’t write.

There are a few simple rules that I live by:

  1. Freedom, always. In all ways.
  2. Making money should be easy so you have more time to be in the present moment, spending time with those you love.
  3. It should be freakin fun. If it’s not fun it’s a complete waste of time.
  4. Done is better than perfect. I don’t have time to stress over shitty typo’s or drama and neither should you.
  5. I get to be do and have it all. And SO DO YOU.

5 things I am against:

  1. Wasting time doing shit I don’t like with people I don’t love on things that don’t mattter
  2. People being stuck in jobs they hate, making money they are mad about, in relationships that suck them dry.
  3. People living by other people’s rules or doing it because “that one person in the industry said you have to do it this way”
  4. Too much prophesizing, not enough action
  5. The idea that “doing” makes money vs just “BEING”.

I love my community SO much because we support each other, lift each other up and we know that we can all succeed together. We don’t live by the rules. We want more out of life and we make shit happen. We work on ourselves. We dream and we do.  We are done playing small. We laugh at the status quo. We don’t worry about shit that doesn’t matter. I am so blessed and fortunate that my community supports me in everything and anything I do because they know they are worth it. They know I want the very best for them and they know they will get results if they do the work. I stand for their higher good. We have each others backs.