Creating your first course can be intimidating. Trust me. I get it.

As someone that has helped over a dozen people launch their first, second, or even tenth course, the most wet behind the ears to the most advanced entrepreneur gets confused in this space.

You want to be creative, you want to get your message into the world, but the tech shit is stopping you. Well, be stopped no more, my friend. I got your back.


  1. Opt in (traffic). Dah fuck does that mean? We want to give away a bit of free content to your followers BEFORE we start offering them our course or services. Why? Because nobody likes to take candy from a stranger. How do we avoid being the creepy person approaching you outside target asking for money? Well, we give them something great for free that is related to our product/course/service. All you need is to create an opt in (a place where they can exchange their email address to receive the free thing you are offering). This is important to set up and give out a few weeks prior to telling them about your course.
  2. CRM system. Crm stands for customer. relationship. management. YASSSS queen. Ok so basically when someone puts their email address in your form or buys your course, this is where you will store that information. Examples of this are: mailchimp, madmimi, convertkit, activecampaign, infusionsoft, ontraport. You get the picture. If you are housing all your contacts for your online business in gmail, it’s time to get something to take better care of those relationships. Enter the crm system. It should be inexpensive or free to start, have some automation capabilities (for future use, you’ll thank me later) and integrate with your other platforms (course, landing pages, forms, etc).
  3. Course Site + Payment System. You need a place to house your course. This can be as basic as your wordpress site area that is password protected, though I recommend a third party site that is built just to house courses. Something like teachable (excellent) or newkajabi (also excellent but more expensive). Why? Each new user or “student” gets their own username and password. They are fast and easy to set up. They look pretty and create a nice experience for your customer. It should also integrate with a way to receive money for your course.

So there you have it! Make sure to watch the video above to get it alllll on the downlow.